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AnatomyZone was started in 2011 after I stumbled across Google Body and thought it would be a very useful tool to learn anatomy with. There are not that many user friendly resources on the internet for students trying to learn anatomy, so I thought I would try and create one to help others to learn anatomy. This website is aimed at many different levels and at a wide range of different users, from nurses, to physiotherapists, to osteopaths, to medical students.

This website and concept are currently in development, so there are many areas of anatomy which are yet to be covered. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the site structure and video content and hope that in time, this website will be a valuable source of learning to many people.

There are two free web-applications that I use in my tutorials, Zygote Body and BioDigital Human. For both these applications I have obtained explicit written permission from the respective companies to use their products in my tutorials, with the understanding that I will be using advertising within/alongside the videos.

Any feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions!