Muscles of the Neck – Posterior Triangle, Prevertebral and Lateral Muscles

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  • MissLG

    What a wonderful website, as an SLT student this is very useful having a 3D diagram combined with the tutorial. x

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment and glad to hear you are finding it useful! This site is a work in progress at the moment and still concentrating on getting the content on here and figuring out if people are finding the tutorials useful!

  • Sara

    Love this! I’m a student in medical school on an accelerated program, so we cram our anatomy into 2 semesters. This has been very helpful for me!

  • Crystal

    You should add arterial supply and nerve stuff! Still very helpful though!

  • Sali

    wow thats awesome !!! tnx alot ….u don have any idea how useful its for me :D i study in philippines n profs here are sucks with weird accent and zero knowledge just asking us to draw everything and then quiz of all !!! i just now understand what is the meaning of each muscle :) tnxx alot x btw plz add some oral anatomy tnx again

    • anatomyzone

      no problem! Glad they have been useful for you – lots more new and improved tutorials to come. I have still seem to have an endless list of tutorials and requests to complete…

  • Kendra

    Thank you SO much for developing this site. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Hypermobility Type. There are so few doctors who understand this syndrome so people who have it need to become their own “doctors” in order to communication with medical professionals about their needs. I stumbled across your site when looking for info on neck anatomy as I’m considering cervical fusion. I’m on several EDS online support groups and I’m sharing your site with them so the members can educated themselves as well. I truly appreciate your taking the time to put all of this together.

    • anatomyzone

      no problem, it is always really nice to hear that the videos are useful and are helpful for people – gives me motivation to create more and improve on the quality of my videos. Thank you for watching the videos and for spreading the word. One of the things I hoped for when making the videos is that they would be useful for people who aren’t necessarily revising for exams or studying, but who are interested in learning more about the body, whether they are patients who want to educate themselves about their own particular condition or injury, or whether they just wanted to learn for fun.

      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  • Kendra

    **communicate** **educate** so sorry for the errors. My hands don’t work that well these days!

  • lui

    Oi. tenho estudado anatomia, este trabalho do anatomyzone é muito bom. Parabens.
    Continuem postando


  • Oldpuck81

    I had really bad arthritic related pain in my cervical C4-C7 joints about 7 years ago. It’s related to playing too much hockey and being very active (I’m 54). Dr. said I have slight thinning of the discs which causes reduced lordotic curve (basically getting old, duh!). So my PT had me do exercises on the longus colli and longus capitus (inner muscles that stabilize the cervical vertibra) without firing the big neck muscles in the front. In a few months the pain went away and with ongoing maintence exercises, anti-inflammatories and home traction, I’ve been playing hockey and cycling for past 5 years. Don’t neglect those neck muscles!!

  • kirsty

    im doing my level 3 personal trainer course and this is very useful thanku and like how clear they are :) maybe you could do a heart one? :)

    • anatomyzone

      thanks kirsty, glad they are useful for your course! Will get round to making a heart one at some point, going to be uploading some on the nervous system next however – just need to find time to make all these tutorials!

  • juhi

    i love it..its so helpful..i just watch it instead of reading that book…so good…you are amazing…really…you are the best…!!!

  • Drbalkishor Sharma

    thanx for this site,today i visited first time.

  • tyra

    ur videos are so great ….