Foramina of the Skull

About this video
This tutorial was creating using the Zygote Body web application. If you are having trouble viewing this, try the YouTube links: Part 1 Part 2


  • Mike

    thanks for the video! very helpful, as usual. getting through the class because of you! our the prof mentioned that the foramen lacerum has the neurovasculature of the pterygoid canal as well as the internal carotid artery passing through it (next to the cartilage). maybe just a technicality, but just thought id mention it. also, it would be terrific if you had the names of the structures listed from the videos. for me, seeing the words always helps to solidify the topic. otherwise, keep up your amazing work! :)

    • Mike

      please excuse my grammar. it’s late here :P

    • anatomyzone

      thanks for the comment. I do plan on updating all my videos with the name of structures as I know that is very helpful for everyone – just need to find the time to do it! :)