Muscles of the Forearm

Part 1

Part 2

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This tutorial was creating using the BioDigital Human web application. If you are having trouble viewing this, try the YouTube links: Part 1 Part 2  





  • eleena

    i am a medical student struggling with anatomy..these videos have been very useful and has help me not just to remember the facts but also understand them..Thank you!

    • admin

      Brilliant! Glad to hear the tutorials are helping, and really good that you are understanding as well as just remembering the facts – I find that understanding helps to maintain things in the memory more permanently.

  • guest

    Big hit at my med school too, thanks alot

  • Sanhitaphysio

    Excellent illustration, You have made Anat so simpler to understand. Could you upload something on Nerve courses too. thanks :-)

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  • Meena Bhardwaj

    u r awsome no words to explain my thanks towards u.please continue with this.

    • anatomyzone

      Will do, many more to come!

  • ali laij

    thank you so much

  • David

    Thank you very much for this tutorial, learning from an atlas is much more difficult to remember. Thank you!

  • Darren Whitehorn

    Hi 5 to anatomyzone for getting me through anatomy!

    • anatomyzone

      nice one! :)

      • Saosa Soukphakdy

        Thanks a million to Anatomyzone for getting me through my Massage Therapy board exam. It really help alots on the board exam:-)

  • Lucie

    Big thanks to AnatomyZone! Finally, I start to believe, it’s real to learn it all! :)

  • Syaheedviamujaheed

    What kind of software did you use ? It’s kind of awesome ! I wan’t to try it also :)

  • Jade

    Better without the dick pic :/

  • Happie Angel

    wondeful and enlightenin videos sir…Thank u so much…& lookin forward to many more such good ones…. i missed many of my clases @clg & wz feelin bad…but dat waz for greater good coz i came across ur videos!!!… gng thru them…i feel i wud’nt have learnt the subject dat wel if i went to clg:)….u have a great knack of teaching!!! Thank u…

  • anser iqbal

    excellent work. please explain clinical aspects as well

  • Manizha samar

    Hi i’m a medical student at first thanks for your very useful videos and in second i have a question which 3D program do you use i really need for that please say to me how could i find that or download? thanks

  • Guest

    Pure Genius. I have been struggling with extensors a flexors for so long, and in half an hour I know understand it! – Muchas GRACIAS!

  • ValentinaAB

    Muchas Gracias!!!! – It would involve much brain bashing to go through my anatomy course without you!

    • anatomyzone

      no problem, and good luck with your course!

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  • Graeme Inkster

    Great stuff ! Using your tutorials to help Junior Docs through the MCEM part A. Seems easier and less smelly than when we “dissected” (and I use the term very loosely).

  • ahmed

    hi can i take or download this program

  • pamela ritucci

    Your videos are so helpful. thank you. Would you be able to do one on the arteries, veins and nerves of the lower limb? or if they are in the pipeline when might you upload them? Thanks again.

  • garry

    part 2 got problem… can u please fix it?? thx!!!