Cranial Nerves Basics

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    good job

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    very helpful!
    good job!

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    This is really good!! What is the best way to see how these nerves exit the skull?

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    Thank you for your helpful videos! :)

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    Listening to anatomy and physiology lessons with a British accent is phenomenal. Incredibly helpful and to the point.

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      haha thank you – glad to help :)

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    This is amazing, thank you very much!

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    i am a medical student…this is a life saver for me..heartfelt thanks..

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  • Anonyms.

    I love your vids but I thought that the ciliary muscle received innervation due to the pregang parasympathetics running with cranial nerve III not IV.

  • muma87

    This is great overview. I just wanted to comment that a less sexist and more clean version for the mnemonic on nerve function would be to replace “boobs” with “brains,” especially since cranial nerves are part of the brain…

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    this is really great,my only regret is that…..i wish i came to know about this in my first year during anatomy

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    Wonderful! Thank you so much for creating the website and tutorials! I have shared it with my classmates!

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    this is an amazing site! Helped with my homework so much! I really needed it! I dream to be a doctor! It would be so much fun!
    Just on thing, can you make some more on the nerves because I need more nerves info.

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